Core Skills Training Framework is a core framework created to ensure continuity of training and competencies across the health and social care sector.

It allows you, as well as your employers to identify whether previous training have met core capabilities, ensuring valuable time and money is not wasted on repeating unnecessary training.

It provides the standard to which employers and organisations can assess the training needs and competencies of all staff.  

So if you happen to change roles or employers in the future, the Core Skills Training Framework allows everyone to recognise current and future training needs which are accepted by many organisations within the UK.

Benefits of Statutory/Mandatory CSTF

Having a core skills training framework provides many benefits to you, as well your employer.  Here’s a few:

  • A national ‘benchmark’ for the content of any statutory/mandatory training.  This means regardless of the role you perform or organisation you work for in the future, the standards will be consistent and recognised across the whole sector.  This ensures the knowledge and skills you’ve worked hard to acquire remain complaint with legislation.
  • Establishes minimum learning outcomes, frequency of refresher training and links to relevant legislation or expert guidance.  This means you can take confidence in knowing the profession you belong to enables you to provide a consistent and competent level of care to service users.
  • Flexibility of use.  Having a framework means it can be adopted and used by any healthcare employer in the UK, providing you with more options to work and use your skills and develop your career as a professional.

The Ten Key Subjects of Core Skills Training Framework

In addition to the statutory/mandatory training frameworks, there are other core skills frameworks worthy of note.  These include clinical and care matters.

All courses here at Nurtured Care Skills have been created using these frameworks and serve as a solid foundation for continuing professional development within health and social care.

They’re based upon core capabilities – the knowledge, skills, behaviours needed – for safe and effective practices. 

So regardless of the role you perform today or in the future, you can rest assure the education you receive keeps you compliant and equips you with the necessary skills to perform competently.

Clinical/Care Core Skills Training Frameworks

Wrapping Up

The Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) is recognised across the health and social care sector by NHS England and NHS employers.  It is also recognised by professional bodies such as the British Medical Association (BMA), the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), and regulators such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England.

Using our interactive learning portal, you’ll be able to track your learning progress, download reports and certificates and manage your CPD.

These records allow you to demonstrate assurances to CQC during any regulatory inspection that you are compliant and competent in the core standards of care.

This can serve as a perfect springboard for you in the development of your career as a care professional.