develop a quality online training ​program for your ​staff team at cost-Effective rates

Over 100 Effective, low-cost, CPD accredited Compliant Online Courses With Nationally Recognised Certification

​Pay as you go

​As low as 


/per course

  • No minimum spend & no long term contract tie in
  • Purchase  as required
  • Dedicated account manager & learner management system included
​​License Package

​As low as


/ per year

  • Immediate and unlimited access to all our courses
  • Set your training budget
  • Dedicated account manager & learner management system included

No Sign Up Fee | No Monthly Fee | No Contract Tie In

​Option 1 - License Packages

​At Nurtured Care Skills, we understand that learning and development is an on-going cost for many care organisations, especially for companies with high staff turnover.

​With this in mind, we offer ​a license package which gives your care staff unlimited access to all of ​our CPD courses within the system for a 12-month period.

As a result, you'll know exactly what your training spend is each year.  And with unlimited access to training, staff development programmes can be flexible.  You won't need to worry about staff turnover increasing your costs, simply remove learners once they have left employment and reuse the place for new recruits.




​1 - 10



​11 - 50



​51 - 100



​101 - 200



Option 2 - ​Credit Packages

If the license package model is not the right fit for your you, we have a credit package model that might be more suitable.

At £14.99 for our eLearning, eBook, Video courses through our standard Pay As You Go model, the prices are already the lowest in the market. However, you are still able to reduce this overhead by investing in a lump sum of course credits.

In other words, by buying credits in bulk (from as little as £1.50 each) you can dramatically reduce your costs​.

Once purchased, credits will be allocated to your account and used against any course you enroll your care staff on.

​NO. OF credits


​​Equivalent cost per course
















Option 3 - pay as you go

Access over 100 CPD accredited online training courses complete with certificate.


​cOST PER course

​Minimum of 2 Staff

​Between £9.99 - £19.99

  • No minimum spend
  • Your credits never expire - just use them when you need to
  • Know your training budget for the year - Assign as many courses as you require
  • No fixed term contracts
  • ​Minimum of 2 learners required
  • Dedicated account manager and learner management system

How It Works


​Purchase the course via your online portal for your business or purchase online as an individual.


Assign the learner onto the Course. The learner will receive an email informing them of enrollment onto the Course, along with their login details. They can now  log in and start  each of the 15 standards to achieve the learning required.


​The learner will partake in the interactive learning online.  Once complete a multiple choice test is allocated. On successful completion a certificate is issued. The test can be retaken to revise the grade.


Once all the modules have been completed, the manager can issue the learner with the ‘ Certificate’ or it can be automatically issued. This will complete their portfolio.

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