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​If you're looking for a cost-effective solution for having your staff trained and inducted into a health or social care role, we can help.

Induction In Health and Social Care

An induction in health and social care is for people who may be about to enter the sector as a new worker or for a manager overseeing the integration of new employees into the company.

This involves helping new staff understand the systems and procedures your organisation uses as well helping them to settle in quickly and feel part of the organisation.

Ultimately, the induction process prepares employees for life within your organisation and for the work they will be performing.

It covers a range of areas such as personal development, duty of care and safeguarding.

The aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of what a care or support worker should know and be expected to carry out to a satisfactory standard.

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Induction In Health and Social Care

Our health and social care induction training covers the minimum standards required for staff to work within health and social care settings.

The minimum standards are as follows:


​Understand Your Role


​Your Personal Development


of Care


​Equality and Diversity


​Work In A Person-Centred Way




​Privacy and Dignity


​Fluids and nutrition


​awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities


​safeguarding adults


​safeguarding children


​basic life support


​Health and Safety


​handling information


​infection and prevention control

The expected timeframe for new staff to complete our Health and Social Care Induction Training is usually within 12 weeks of starting. Some staff may need all of the 12 weeks (and perhaps more), while others may need less time.

This will depend how much prior knowledge and experience a staff member is bringing to the role.  This is something that you or your manager will need to discuss with them as it will be your responsibility to ensure they have met the learning outcomes.

Keeping records is important, and our learning management system will help you do just that.  A record should be kept of all the learning and development to prove and demonstrate that staff are prepared.  This record is sometimes known as 'evidence of achievement.'

It's important to note that health and social care induction training is not a 'qualification'. However, it can help staff work towards a Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care.

why staff training is important in health and social care settings

Continual professional development is the only way you can ensure that the care provisions you provide and offer meet and exceed the expectations of your service users, clients and regulatory bodies.

By investing in staff induction and training, it encourages the right staff to want to work for your care organisation.  When staff are adequately trained and perform to a high standard of quality care, this also makes prospective clients or customers want to choose your service over others.

Other than regulatory obligations, health and social care induction training can provide a number of benefits:

Helps Improve Service

Ensuring your staff are properly trained will have a direct impact on the quality of service and care your organisation provides.

As the quality of care your service users receive is paramount, staff training contributes to this priority.

Saves Time and Money

Induction training is the first training program your employee participates in after he joins the organisation.

This training provides them all the information needed to start performing their duties. If an employee is trained well in the induction program, they can easily adapt to their new role and start delivering results quickly – that’s how it saves your organisation a lot of money and time.

Reduces High Staff Turnover

When it comes to staff in a health and social care environment, it is always preferable to keep the same staff team around for a long time.

The comfort of residents and service users around your staff members is a very important factor in the successful running of a care organisation.  Keeping a familiar team will help them feel more comfortable and trusting of the staff.

People join a company with a lot of expectations, and at the same time, they have lot of questions about life at your organisation.

All these queries must be answered in the induction training. Ineffective induction training can leave new care staff confused about the job. They may feel frustrated and helpless, if they are not trained properly.

Keeping a hold of your staff should be a priority as a care provider and induction training is the first step to achieving that aim.  It will help you avoid high turnover and retain staff.

Improved CQC Rating

Having an experienced and well trained team of employees will lead to a better quality of service, which in turn will improve your CQC rating.

A CQC rating is something that is given by the Care Quality Commission, who is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. The rating given by the CQC can help people to compare services and make choices about which care home is best suited for them.

This means that achieving the highest rating possible should be a priority, and a bad rating will reflect poorly on your care home.

cqc rating

The questions that help the CQC when rating care homes are as follows:

– Are they safe?
– Are they effective?
– Are they caring?
– Are they responsive to people’s needs?
– Are they well-led?

​These are the 5 key questions that they use when inspecting the care homes, and are used to identify any areas that need improvement.

Ensuring that the staff in your care home are fully trained and can perform efficiently in all aspects of the job will be sure to improve your CQC rating, giving it a better reputation.


Making sure that any member of staff in your team has received a sufficient amount of training will always go a long way in generally improving the quality of your care home, from the service provided to the long term success of the business.

People often underestimate the amount of time and attention that is needed to care for residents, so learning the appropriate skills needed for the task is very important.

Here at Nurtured Care Skills, we provide cost effective, time efficient online training courses to make sure that employees are performing the best they can and to ensure a safe working environment for everyone involved.

If you’d like to learn more about the services we provide, please get in touch today.

​Why Company's Love Our Training Courses ​& compliance Matrix

  • Administrative access to learner profiles
  • User friendly interface
  • No charge to use the learner management system (LMS)
  • Option for FREE certificate download available to the learner or​ ​organisation
  • Records kept indefinitely
  • Assist in planning future training needs
  • Regular course updates
  • Learners are able to complete the course in bite size pieces
  • Portal whitelisting and branding
  • Option to set the pass rate and grading
  • Discretionary control for the amount of resits
  • Upload your own company policies and procedures
  • Full reporting with evidence of all learning and certification remaining on our system for future reference
  • Multi Device access on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device
  • No fixed term contract
  • Prices from £0.99p with a choice of pay as you go, bulk purchase or per user
  • Accessible and highly interactive training
  • Real time management reporting and analysis, easily keep track of candidates
  • Certification management with instant access to learner certificates
  • Course reminders via email 12 weeks before
  • Quality cost effective training, no reduction in content
  • Evidence compliance Instantly to your CQC inspector or management
  • Courses written by industry experts
  • Regular course updates
  • Audit trail easily accessible with training logs
  • Certificate awarded on completion of the training course
  • Set a course expiry date of either 6,12, 24 or 36 months from the date the Assessment is successfully completed.

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