Before starting in your role, it is a good idea to complete an induction training for care home staff program.

Responsibility is being placed more on you as an employee to direct and manage your own career’s development and training needs. 

So, not only will it help put you in good light with prospective employers within the health and social care industry as a proactive individual, but will also prepare you for what to expect in your role as a care worker.

The purpose and importance of induction training is clear: to ensure you develop the core competencies needed to provide high level care within the care environment.

Part of your induction training will consist of completing the mandatory training core skills framework.  This includes modules such as:

  • Fire Safety
  • Moving and Handling 
  • Safeguarding Adults
  • Health and Safety Awareness
  • Infection Prevention and Control

In your role as a care assistant or care worker, you may also be required to complete an introductory course in food safety, mental capacity act and emergency first aid. These mandatory training courses are to be completed annually. 

Depending on your needs, we offer two induction training for care home staff packages to help you get started on the right road.

  1. Our Accredited Mandatory Training for Care Assistants. Which will ground you in all of the 15 standards of care including the mandatory modules mentioned above.
  2. Our Accredited Domiciliary Care Induction Training. This package is a bit more comprehensive but will serve as a great investment in your career.  Not only covering the mandatory core skills but also many clinical skills as well.

As you may know, working within the health and social care sector can be a rewarding experience and lead to a fulfilling career for yourself.  It all starts with the first step – the induction training.

Invest in your career today by enrolling on our Induction Training for Care Staff package.