Induction Training for Care Staff

The importance of induction training for care staff cannot be overstated, particularly new care staff.  

​Induction training for new care staff should include the completion of the 15 Standards of Care​ within the first six months of employment.

One of the key features of good and outstanding services is that they ensure new starters complete an in-depth induction programme which goes beyond the minimum standards.

This ensures that staff understand the vision and values of the organisation and are equipped with the right knowledge and tools to enable them to deliver high quality care.

It will be flexible in recognising the needs of the inductee, adapting to their experiences.

Benefits of a good induction programme also include an improvement in staff retention, which in turn reduces recruitment costs.

The induction trainin​​g for new care staff is for people embarking on a career in the care sector who may have a limited understanding of the range of skills they are expected to acquire and develop.

The basic induction training for care staff provides a solid grounding in key areas and addresses the knowledge and skills required to give new care workers confidence in their chosen new role.  

​     These include:

  • First Aid At Work
  • Medication Management
  • ​Health and Safety
  • ​Safeguarding Children
  • ​Moving & Handling Patients
  • ​Infection Control
  • ​Fire Safety
  • ​Safeguarding Adults
  • ​Food Safety

Other specific training is available to staff to help with certain requirements of service users depending on the care environment being worked in:

  • ​Dementia Awareness
  • ​Mental Capacity Act
  • ​Equality and Diversity
  • Advance Care Planning
  • ​End of Life/Palliative Care
  • ​Stroke Awareness

Induction Training for Your Care Staff

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