​accredited & approved ​Medication administration Courses

Our online medication ​administration courses are CPD accredited are designed for various healthcare professionals including nurses, support workers and carers with the responsibility of receiving, storing, administering and disposing of medication.

The practice of safe administration and management of medication plays a critical role in the provision of quality care.

Medication can be dangerous when misused but when used effectively is a very powerful tool to alleviate symptoms and improve or prolong a persons life.

Healthcare professionals are not only responsible for the safe delivery of medication but also upholding dignity, encouraging independence and respecting choices the service user/patient makes.

You will learn the essentials of administration, prescribing, managing and handling of medicines safely such as morphine, sedatives, incentives and antibiotics.

medication management training

​Control & Administration of Medicines Level 3

Duration: 2 hours

The Control and Administration of Medicines Level 3 is a comprehensive online course.  It is designed to provide senior care workers or managers the knowledge needed to enable them to supervise or undertake the administration of medicines in their care establishment.

You will be equipped with a solid understanding of the correct procedures to follow when prescribing and administering medicines, in both a social and domiciliary care home environments.

Approved by CPD

drug calculation training

​​Drug Calculation

Duration: 1 hour

The Drug Calculation training is an online course that has been designed to allow any nursing or health and social care practitioner to develop the knowledge and understanding needed for safe and effective drug calculations and the administration of medicines to patients.

​​It covers formulas to convert between units and calculate doses, as well as covering basic math skills that will be needed.

Approved by CPD

medication administration training

Medication Management

Duration: 1-2 hours

The Medication Management training is an online course suitable for staff working within a care environment.

It has been designed to enable you to handle, administer, and understand how medication acts in the body and on major organs.

It will also equip you with the ability to identify some potential side effects and adverse drug reactions that service users could experience and how to manage them.

Approved by CPD

Medicine Administration and Drug Calculation course Bundle

Duration: 3 hours

​This Online Medication Training Bundle comes complete with 3 courses all of which are CPD Accredited and Certificated following the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).